Why Square Coffee Table?

You have to consider many things when buying a new furniture. Where will you place it? Is there room for it? Will it match the decor? and many more. Square coffee table offers many benefits over other types of coffee tables.

The first such benefit is that it is likely that most of your furniture that you already own are rectangular in shape, so a square coffee table would fit better by default. Fitting a square coffee table in a corner, next to a sofa, next to a chair, next to ... anything comes really natural and saves space. Added functionality from a square coffee table comes in a form of footrest when placed next to a chair or sofa.

For even more options and functionality, you can buy a coffee table that has underneath storage such as drawers, cabinets or just plain open space. Extra space for storage never hurts and storing things hidden underneath a coffee table can really improve the clean and organized look of a room. A coffee table is also handy in the way that you can place magazines, food or drinks on it

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